The Urgency to Decarbonize

Climate change is the biggest challenge the planet faces today. It is impacting people’s lives which in turn is changing the world order leading to disruptions in the business as usual. While mitigation needs to be attended, there is an urgent need to take actions on reducing vulnerability of the humanity at large and communities in specific areas through adaptation. The investments and financial flows need to target both mitigation and adaptation actions to address climate hazards.

Trillions of dollars will need to be mobilized to develop and deploy low carbon and climate resilient solutions across every sector of the economy to achieve sustainable development. Increased financing from national governments, private sector, international organizations, and development partners are being directed towards combating climate change. However, the transition is hindered by gaps in technologies, infrastructure, policies, knowledge and capacity. We help devise innovative approaches and solutions for stakeholders to decarbonize the economies.


To facilitate sustainable development and transition to low-carbon future.


To create solutions to disrupt the constant phenomena of climate change and achieve green development.


Fill the capacity void on development, implementation and management of climate investment projects for low carbon development.


About Us

The CIS strives to create solutions based on deeper experience and wider knowledge of experts. While the financial allocations are not sufficient, a large number of projects are getting deployed from the financing already secured, but the project developers and implementers are facing challenges in devising innovative solutions to yield the climate change impacts. At CIS, we aim at translating the strategies into investments that deliver the climate impacts.

Our Services

At CIS, we bring unique set of skills to support the clients - countries, agencies, private companies, philanthropic organisations and other stakeholders in enabling them to build climate-smart economies and avoid being locked out of economic, social and health opportunities as the global low-carbon transformation gets underway.

Climate Strategies

We support public and private sector entities in developing all kinds of strategies to combat climate change. The CIS helps its clients in preparing strategies for mitigation as well as adaptation including adaptation planning. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and expertise, and the services are customized to specific needs of public and private sector clients. We also offer our services for development of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies based on international standards for private companies while our adaptation team supports local, sectoral and national adaptation planning processes.


Project Development, Structuring and Management

The commitment to Net Zero emissions is being embraced by all sectors and actors of the economy. The CIS offers its services in due diligence, design and development as well as implementation management of climate investment programs, projects and technical assistance. We extend our services in designing projects based on strong climate rationale to avail climate finance for both public and private sector.

Design of Sub-National Climate Investment Funds/Facilities

We help in design and set-up of subnational climate investment funds and facilities in developing counties. Our experts bring the knowledge and experience in all sector and industry areas to ensure successful design and implements of climate facilities. CIS brings the needed capacity to support the governments and agencies at all the stages of project cycle and advises solution to enable delivery of mitigations and adaptation impacts.


Impact Investing and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Support

We provide advisory services in structuring private sector projects to mobilize climate finance. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approaches in climate financing is in its infancy and our experts are equipped with expertise to develop innovative approaches to catalyze financing though PPP. The services of the firm will be catered to meet the ESG requirements and facilitate the transition to Net Zero emissions.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Projects

The CIS helps in designing Theory of Change (TOC), log-frame and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mechanisms including Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) for climate impacts.


Both Public and Private Sector

The firm helps both public and private sector clients worldwide to develop and implement climate change projects. Climate change is a planet-wide problem, so the actions are required from the public and private sectors alike. For the private sector, the firm will strive to turn environmental and climate challenges into business opportunities. We provide advisory services for the transition to net-zero, and investments in regenerative businesses. CIS brings the needed capacity to support the governments and agencies at all the stages of the project cycle and creates solutions to enable the delivery of mitigations and adaptation impacts. We also support development of climate change policies, regulations, evaluation of climate risks and identifying innovative approaches and mechanisms to reduce emission and enhanced adaptation to climate change.

Our Team

The CIS team is comprised of professionals with experience in climate finance, climate investments, advisory services and fund management at national and international level. We offer a mix of skill set to support mitigation and adaptation actions in all key sectors for both public and private actors across developing and developed economies. We adopt multidisciplinary approach to cater to client’s needs and also offer strong expertise in cross cutting issues such as gender consideration, Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) and governance among others. Please get in touch for customized support to move your climate agenda forward.

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